Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Grubs Up


Still persevering on trying to clear my overgrown allotment. I have successfully managed to clear to the other side of the path and with some help from my girlfriend Taz, I've managed to cut back a lot of the brambles.

She's proving to be quite a useful weeder but with the weather baking the topsoil, it's taking a lot of effort to dig up the couch-grass.

Still, I seem to be doing rather well and have managed to harvest some courguettes, chillies, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and even some lemon chillies - time to get cooking!

First Harvest!


With my first potatoes and strawberries peeking through I couldn't be happier. Imagine my delight when I rocked up at the allotment to find my courgette plant was already providing me with fruit! Check out these badboys...

What a Scoop!


Despite the fact that I'm not yet growing much of my own food (the stubborn couch grass and brambles still reign free...) I seem to be getting rather a lot of freebies from my fellow allotment holders. This is dinner for the next few days!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Getting there slowly...


Between work and other commitments, progress has been slow.

I have managed to clear about 20% but since the "Great British Summer" we had all been promised has turned out to be somewhat of a progress has been hindered by the torrential downpours =(

My Little Helper


Managed to rope my girlfriend Taz into helping me dig up the bindweed that had taken over the whole plot.

She seemed to be under the impression that she was there to sunbathe until I gave her a fork and put her to work ;)

She says her incentive for getting her hands dirty is so I can begin planting yummy food for her to eat that much sooner - the cheek!

She has started scoring freebies from fellow allotment holders so I guess I can't complain about why she's helping as long as it all gets done.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My New Allotment!


Having waited almost 2 years on the waiting list, I just got handed my new allotment keys by Newham Council, I couldn't wait to get down and see which plot was going to be mine.

Check out the overgrown mess I now have to sort out before I can even think about planting crops.

After only an hours digging, some progress had been made!